Spirit of the Spirit

It’s about the essence of the fruit and the terrain it comes from.It’s this combination that builds the unique flavors of each variety.  It’s about the people and the families that have years of experience blending those flavors. Until you can taste the dedication of the growers, the toil, the history, and the pride, then you haven’t found the spirit of the spirit.

Why are our wines different?

We have adopted an old world philosophy for our wines. We don’t believe in forcing homogeny onto something that by its very nature is the antithesis of homogeneity. The varieties of fresh apples, pears, and raspberries that we use in our wines all bring their own uniqueness to the final product. Moreover, year over year the blend of varieties used for each wine will be different. While others use additives to bend and warp the flavor of their product to match a predefined profile. We feel that the fruit should reign absolute.

The result, that’s what we call Shiny Apple.

“This is so exciting! I am a long time customer and fan of Grainger Orchards so when I heard about the new Shiny Apple Wines from Grainger Orchards, I was so happy! The wines are so delicious – one sip immediately puts you in the middle of an orchard with the perfect apple – not too sweet, not too tart – literally the perfect sip. I am excited to get to the orchard and try more – I love the story of how Shiny Apple Wine was born and you are going to LOVE the taste. Literally the perfect after dinner treat.”

Renee Chodkowski, The Great Foodini