A Little Bit Of Our History

In the late 1940’s

Herb Grainger our grandfather, decided to plant apple trees. He always felt that if you own ground it should be worked to provide for the family. Over the years more trees were planted and varieties added. In addition to the apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries,and even a few grapes, grew and were sold from the farm.

By the late 80’s

Herb was scaling back. The berries and grapes were gone, and the pears were cut down. The focus became the apples. New varieties like Mutsu and Honey Crisp were planted, and a new phase of growth began.

Start of the New Millennium

The start of the new millenium marked the beginning of a new chapter for the farm. With more antique and heirloom varieties such as Kingston Black, Dabinett and Cox Orange Pippen being planted, and the explosion of the hard ciders, Herb’s grandsons, Mike and Jeff, started shifting production toward fresh ciders for the fermentation market.

Fall of 2007

In the fall of 2007 they began working with homebrewers from the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild to explore the possibilities of what could be made from the orchards fruit. A collaboration that continues today.

Idea took root in Fall of 2016

Having established themselves as providing outstanding and unique cider’s to both the commercial and private fermentation markets. The idea of making their own wine to sell took root in the fall of 2016. The universally positive response to a small batch experiment provided enough encouragement for the boys to begin pursuing a liquor license.

Spring 2019!

After over seventy years, and three generations, Spring 2019 marks yet another new beginning.